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  • WBFO npr: What's Next? | FASHION!

    "On this episode of What’s Next?, we put artist and leather craftsman, Dame Powell, on display. Born and raised in Buffalo, we discuss his inspirations, how he discovered his passion, and his hopes for the City of Good Neighbors to someday become a city of high fashion."

    Listen to the full episode at wbfo.org 
  • 'Crafting Statement Makers' Buffalo Magazine

    "Now with an online shop called Dame Ave, the sophisticated designer is selling his handcrafted, high-end creations—bags, wallets, belts and more—throughout the city, with a mission to instill pride for locally made, luxury wares in Buffalo."

    Read full article at Buffalo Magazine 
  • 'DAME Luxury Leather Goods' Buffalo Rising

    "...together, they are constructing bags that tell a story… a story that speaks of old world ways, driven youth, realized opportunities, impeccable craftsmanship, and a city that allows for organic growth. Shouldn’t every purchase that we make be accompanied by such a genuine story?"

    Read full article at the Buffalo Rising 
  • Episode #30 'Dame' Hold That Thought

    "...through his clothing designs, fine leather handbags, duffel bags, wallets and more, he’s built a reputation as one of the most talented hard working entrepreneurs in Buffalo. We discuss his creations and he gives us some insight on how it all started and his next steps."

    Watch full episode at Hold That Thought YouTube page 

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