It's the Little Things: Leather Edge Creasing

It's the Little Things: Leather Edge Creasing

Without a doubt, our favorite workshop addition from Q1 of 2023 has been an electric leather edge creaser. As our small business continues to scale, it's enabled us to achieve quality, consistent creasing and has been especially useful for smoothing edge paint on our Epsom leather handcrafted purses and wallets.

For those who are just getting familiar with leather edge creasing, or for those who are simply curious, continue reading for a brief explanation plus a few tips. We've even included the link to the machine we're currently using (and recommend to our peers!). 

Leather edge creasing does what the name entails: it creates a crease along the edge of a piece of leather. The purpose of the crease may range from decorative to functional. Regardless of the intention, it always brings value by adding a polished, professional look to the product, and is used during the making of leather goods such as wallets, belts, bags, and shoes. This process may be completed manually with tools (handle and creasing tip) or by using an electric creasing machine (hand-operated to fully automatic). 

Below are a few tips to leather edge creasing: 

  • Choose the tools or machines for your needs. The right handle and creasing tips are ideal for small budgets, while an electric creasing machine provides convenience and precision. Pro Tip: We love the constant heat supply of the electric machine for busy production days. 
  • Sand -> Crease -> Burnish. Sand your product to perfection before creasing, and then burnish well after edge crease work. 
  • Check for consistency. Ensure a consistent angle and pressure are maintained to produce a clean and even crease. Double check your work and make adjustments as needed.
Insight from Dame: "Take your time; go slow and concentrate. Practice on scraps first, from the same leather hide as your project, using different temperatures, speeds, and pressure."

    Click here for the electric leather edge creaser we're using at DAME

    As always, thanks for running with us! 
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